South Hill Visitor Center

The  Model Train Museum is located in the Tourist Information Center at 201 South Mecklenburg Avenue in South Hill, Virginia.

The Museum currently features two operating railroads, and also features a collection of toy trains from area residents as well as a collection of historical documents, photographs and artifacts from South Hill’s history.

Train Museum

Trains of all shapes and sizes make their way through The South Hill Model Railroad Museum. Here you will find two model railroads, one called the “Wiggle, Bump, and Agony Railroad,” featuring a carnival and tunnels through the mountains. Our second model is a 1950s replica of the Atlantic & Danville Railroad, displaying life in the towns of Lawrenceville, VA, to Clarksville, VA. All ages will find something interesting to see!

Visitor's Center/Coupon Book

The South Hill Visitor Center is the local hub for information. Here you’ll find brochures, magazines, and business cards for the surrounding businesses and attractions. Stop by and grab a Coupon Book featuring Chamber Members and get exclusive deals. While you are here, don’t forget to get a picture taken with the Caboose, LOVE sign, and South Hill Mural!


The South Hill Model Railroad Museum features two exciting models! The first railroad is set in the 1950s and winds through towns and the countryside for a scenic tour of the past. Designed from photos and postcards on hand by Project Manager Ralph Schneider, the recreation of the buildings maintains a feel for a time gone by. The tracks are built to scale, representing over 200 miles of the Atlantic & Danville Railroad, highlighting the towns of Lawrenceville, VA, to Clarksville, VA. It is a unique and panoramic display of model trains and authentic scenery representing periods of local history. Children and the young at heart will enjoy the trains running through the picturesque farmlands, back roads, and other recognizable features of Southern Virginia from years ago.

The second railroad, the “Wiggle, Bump, and Agony,” was donated by John Madan from South Carolina and was completed in 1993. The layout features mountains, tunnels, and a carnival attraction. This fictional railroad includes nods to South Hill with little signs featuring names of local businesspeople and those who had an impact on the town throughout the years. Even the UFO sitting on the mountaintop is a part of South Hill’s history! There is so much to see here at The South Hill Model Railroad Museum!

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