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With the generous support of sponsors First Citizens Bank, Southside Mortgage Services, and VCU Health Community Memorial Hospital, the South Hill Chamber of Commerce is very proud to recognize these students for their outstanding academic performance and school spirit!

David “Tylor” Bottoms, Park View High School

January 2022 Student of the Month

Here’s what David’s teachers say,Park View High School is proud to announce our January Chamber Student of the Month, David “Tylor” Bottoms. Tylor is the son of David and April Bottoms. His teachers describe Tylor as a hardworking, ambitious, and goal-driven student. He works hard to achieve his goals in and out of the classroom.

Tylor spends half of his school day taking Welding courses through the local community college, working toward career goals. He is on track to graduate next year and continue his education within the Welding field. In addition, Tylor enjoys hunting and fishing all around Virginia and Maryland in his free time. He is an award-winning hunter and fisherman.”

Zachary Brown, Park View Middle School

January 2022 Student of the Month

Here’s what Zachary’s teachers say: “

The sixth grade team is happy to have Zachary Brown as our January Student of the Month. Zac is a wonderful example of an all around outstanding student. Selfless, caring, respectful, and hardworking are just a few ways to describe what a great student he is. Zac is a friend to all and offers a helping hand to any student or teacher in need. When he grows up he wants to be a Zookeeper, when he is not at school he enjoys playing outside. We are proud to have Zac represent our sixth grade class as our Student of the Month. 

Grace Howell, Park View High School

December 2021 Student of the Month

Here’s what Grace’s teachers say:” Park View High School is proud to announce our December Chamber Student of the Month, Grace Howell. Grace is the daughter of Todd and Shelly Howell of South Hill. Her teachers describe her as kind and mature, as well as a student who displays outstanding abilities, a wonderful personality, and a positive attitude. They also describe her as an avid writer as her writing is outstanding and she is always focused on the topic at hand in her courses. She has an exceptional attendance record and has extraordinary ambitions in the classroom that will lead her to an outstanding post-secondary education.  Grace is currently a flute player in the Park View High School Marching Band. She enjoys her band family and competing in band competitions. Grace is an active member of her church youth group and often attends summer camps with her church youth group. She was awarded the Camper of the Week for the year 2020 due to her sportsmanship, kindness and concern for others. She is described as very creative and enjoys drawing, cooking, baking, and spending time with her pet Yorkshire Terrier, Reese Oliver Howell. Grace loves spending time with her family and friends. She is an honor roll student and has been since elementary school. She works hard and enjoys her science classes with Mr. Herring. Grace desires to attend a 4 year university upon graduation and begin her studies to prepare her for a career within the medical field.”

Caylie Nichols, Park View Middle School

December 2021 Student of the Month

Here’s what Caylie’s teacher says: “I believe Caylie Nichols is VERY deserving of being our PVMS student of the month. Caylie is an 8th grade student who faces her own challenges, but strives every single day to overcome them. Caylie is deserving of this recognition simply because she puts in the dedication each day. She is a loving and very kind student with a plethora of talents including art, writing, and patience. Caylie comes to school each day with a positive attitude and does not ever let her learning frustrate her. She is kind to her peers and teachers alike and always willing to listen. The person she is inside is just as beautiful as the student image she projects within the classroom. Caylie meets expectations on all levels including academics, behavior, social, and so much more. While she is a quiet student, Caylie deserves this recognition loud and clear. Her consistent devoutness to learning makes her an exemplary student. 

As I am a new teacher, Caylie was one of the students who has made this year and transition easy. She comes into class each day with a smile and a kind heart and puts in 100% of her effort and talents. This is relayed from her behavior and performance in other classes as well. I would be very happy to see Caylie receive this nomination simply because she deserves it. I know that moving forward, Caylie will continue to let her light shine!”

Paige Springer, Park View High School

November 2021 Student of the Month

Here’s what Paige’s teachers say, ” Park View High School is proud to announce our November Chamber Student of the Month, Paige Springer. Paige is the daughter of Chad and Jill Springer. Her teachers describe Paige as a hardworking, polite young lady that is always prepared for class.  She is also diligent in her studies and carries herself well both in and out of the classroom. Paige is also very kind to her teachers and classmates. She is an absolute joy to teach.

Paige enjoys watching movies, doing crafts, painting, and hanging out with friends and family.  She is an active member of a group called God’s Young Ladies at Olive Branch Church. This group is for young ladies to learn about God and help in the community during various events. At school, Paige has been an involved member of the Beta Club since her 7th grade year. Her athletic participation is extensive at the school level and on travel teams. Her participation in travel softball began when she was eight years old and added travel volleyball when she turned 12. She played softball and volleyball while attending Park View Middle School. Upon entering Park View High School, she continued playing JV volleyball and JV softball her 8th and 9th-grade years and Varsity except when prevented by Covid seasons.

Paige’s academic work has yielded an A in every class she has taken, including her Dual Enrollment classes, therefore, maintaining A honor throughout her school history. “

Jaylen Godette, Park View Middle School

November 2021 Student of the Month Here’s what Jaylen’s teachers say, “Jaylen Godette is Park View Middle School’s November student of the month. Jaylen is the son
of Andrea and Tyo Godette of Boydton, Virginia, and he has one sibling, Tra.Jaylen has been an A/B honor roll student for nine years. His work is exemplary, as he takes
pride in his assignments and goes above and beyond to give them a special touch. Jaylen is
extremely helpful in his classes and is very mannerable and respectful to his teachers and his
classmates.Jaylen’s interests are drawing, anime, playing video games, in which he is quite skilled, and
talking to his friends. HIs favorite class is PE and his favorite sport is basketball.An interesting fact about Jaylen is that he once drew a picture for ten straight hours. This shows
how conscientious Jaylen is about the work he produces.

Congratulations, Jaylen, on a much-deserved award.”

Derrion Brooks, Park View High School October 2021 Student of the Month

Here’s what Derrion’s teachers say, “Derrion Brooks, a nine grader at Park View HIgh School was nominated for the October Student of the Month. His teachers describe him as a reliable leader to his peers and displays a positive attitude in any situation or activity that he is involved in and out of the classroom. He is a pleasure to interact with in the classroom and is an asset to others in promoting a positive atmosphere in school. In Derrion’s spare time he plays football and attends Southside Harvest Church. He also enjoys helping at We Care for Children.  Derrion’s favorite subject is Language Arts.

Lucy Okoye, Park View Middle School

October 2021 Student of the Month

Here’s what Lucy’s teachers say, ” Lucy Okoye is a seventh grade student at Park View Middle School, and she is being recognized as the Student of the Month for September, 2021. Lucy is the daughter of Emmanuel and Lawrencia Okoye who live in South Hill, Virginia.

Lucy is a very conscientious student, and she has a strong work ethic. Her work is always done to the best of her ability and turned in promptly. Although she does well in all her classes, Lucy says her favorite is language arts. She is also polite and respectful to both students and teachers. Lucy is always eager to answer questions in class discussion, but she does not try to overshadow her classmates. She tries to be helpful in any way she can.

In her free time Lucy enjoys playing the piano and reading. She also spends time with her older twin sisters and her younger brother.

Congratulations Lucy! We are so proud of you.

Kailyn Bowen, Park View High School

September 2021 Student of the Month

Here’s what Kailyn’s teachers say, “Park View High School is proud to announce our September Chamber Student of the Month, Kailyn Bowen. Kailyn is the daughter of Amanda and Nathan Bowen. Kailyn is described by her teachers as always prepared for class, taking notes, and asking essential questions. She gets along well with her classmates and follows the rules. She is an excellent role model. Kailyn enjoys playing the piano and is an active member of her youth group at Olive Branch Church. During her middle school years, Kailyn was a member of the BETA club and currently participates regularly at local 4 H camps as a camper. She enjoys volunteering in her community and being active in her church by assisting with donations for various missionary projects. In her spare time, Kailyn enjoys drawing, baking, writing stories about her artwork, and creating original characters, as well as writing music. Kailyn has two pet cats she rescued and has rescued multiple stray animals in the past. Kailyn is a hard working student. In the past she has participated in GATE classes. This year as a freshman she is enjoying her English 9 honors class.

Evan Clary,Park View Middle School

September 2021 Student of the Month

Here’s what Evan’s teachers say, “Evan Clary is the 6th Grade Student of the Month for Park View Middle School. Evan is a very kind, dependable, and respectful student. He goes above and beyond what is asked of him when completing assignments, or doing anything that needs to be done. He is a great friend and is very helpful to all of his classmates. Evan likes to hunt, play baseball and football, fish and play video games on his Xbox. He likes to ride his SXS, and to ride bikes with his friends. When he grows up, he would like to be a Paramedic. Evan also has a sister who attends High Point University. Evan is an all around terrific student and young man.